Advantages and disadvantages of the one-piece swimsuit

Advantages and disadvantages of the one-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is considered by many to be not very feminine: in reality, especially if you choose a beautiful model,it is more chic and refined than the two-piece. For those who want an elegant and discreet look on the beach, it is perfect. Furthermore, it can be worn by a greater number of women than a bikini, for obvious reasons: being more opaque, it allows you to camouflage belly, wide buttocks and other physical defects (stretch marks, cellulite, etc.) swimwear online.

However, this does not apply to the monokini: it is a model that actually comes closer to a two-piece, because it leaves various parts of the body uncovered (it has different openings and empty spaces). To be comfortable with a costume like this you need to have an almost perfect body!

How to go about choosing the right model

Ultimately, when is it better to opt for the whole and when for the two-piece? You have to consider your type of physique. In general, the whole swimsuit is advisable in these cases:

  • When the roundness and the extra pounds are evident and “scattered” a little over the body : in this case the whole is the perfect solution. If you have beautiful breasts, choose a model with a neckline that enhances it, so as to draw attention to it
  • When the belly is very evident : also in this case the bikini is to be avoided. A nice model of one-piece swimsuit will allow you to hide the defect and to enhance other strong points of your body, such as breasts or shoulders, for example

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  • When you have an androgynous body : the whole is perfect for those with a very dry and shapeless body, because it gives an extra touch of femininity. In particular, the model with portholes on the hips is fine
  • In case of short stature : those who have a beautiful body, but are rather short should opt for a nice one-piece swimsuit in solid color and high-cut, because it makes the figure more slender.

And the two-piece instead? Here is when it should be chosen:

  • Little breast : if you are a little flat, avoid the whole and focus on a nice triangle bikini instead
  • Mediterranean physique: if your body type is typically Mediterranean (i.e. generous hips and a little chunky backside) the two-piece will do just fine. The important thing is that the panty does not have a high waist
  • A light belly: the two-piece with high-waisted briefs, on the other hand, is perfect for those with a belly that is not exactly flat.

And in pregnancy?

Many pregnant women wonder whether it is better to go to the beach in a one-piece swimsuit or bikini. In this regard, there is no rule to follow: if the belly is not huge or in any case if you feel comfortable showing it, the two-piece is absolutely not banned!

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