All There Is To Know About Hiring An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary, AB

Going away to a new country and starting fresh sounds exciting and challenging. You may have to migrate elsewhere due to a job transfer, marriage, a prolonged holiday or other personal reasons. Without proper support and professional guidance restarting a life beyond your nation’s borders may seem like an impossible task.

To resolve all issues and nuances with immigration, immigration lawyers in Calgary, AB, can help you out. However, you may not require an immigration lawyer under all circumstances and here’s everything about when, why, how and where to hire an immigration lawyer.

When and why call an immigration lawyer?

You can go to immigration lawyers in Calgary, AB, when you are uncertain about the eligibility of your green card and other immigration benefits. In other cases, you can consult a lawyer requesting any discretionary benefit like asylum or waiver involving persuading the immigration authorities to make an exception for you. It is mandatory to call for an attorney when you have been notified that deportation proceedings have been started against you or when you’ve already been deported but wish to apply for a return. Even if your immigration application has been denied or any other emergency help, an immigration attorney is the only person to seek.

How and where to hire an immigration lawyer

Now that you’ve understood when you’ll find the need for an immigration lawyer, let us try and learn how to approach one. Several online and offline firms offer immigration lawyers near me searches. Most lawyers usually charge a flat fee of upto $100 for your first meet to discuss whether and how they could assist you. Few offer free consultation, and it is always advisable to meet with more than one lawyer before choosing one to represent you. Carry along important documents related to your immigration situation like personal files, passports, visas, marriage certificates, and notices from immigration authorities. Your lawyer will look into them, ask you multiple questions, and decide on how to proceed with the matter at hand.Generally, advocates offer a flat fee structure for standard cases likeimmigration application queries or marriage-based green cards. But for less predictable cases, as in the representation of an immigration court hearing, they might charge you hourly.

It is important to give him only honest information so that a duty-bound attorney can developa truthful and legal way of dealing with the problem.

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