Why has your pool water turned green?

There are a few potential reasons for green pool water- but don’t panic! They’re easy enough to fix. The important thing is, understanding why your water is turning green and preventing it from happening again in the future by avoiding these common pitfalls.

The leading cause of green pool water is high levels of algae. Algae are simple to avoid- simply keep your pH below 7.2. Additionally, green pool water can be caused by high levels of iron. This is a bigger issue because every time you take a sample for testing and the pool water has turned green, you have increased the amount of iron in your system, making it harder to get rid of the green pool water problem.

To fix your green pool water problem- you first need to determine whether the cause is high levels of algae or high levels of iron.

So, you have a green pool. Now what? Just start by checking water chemistry for both algaecide and iron levels. If the chlorinator is set to add chlorine automatically, turn it off until you get this fixed. The problem could be solved by simply adding a dose of algaecide or increasing chlorine from the chlorinator. If that isn’t enough, then algaecides and oxidizers are at work.

First, try to determine where the algae are coming from. If it’s in your skimmer basket, then check for spider mites, which may be the cause of your green pool water. If the green pool water is not coming from your skimmer but doesn’t seem to be going away- more drastic measures are needed. First, you should shock with chlorine and brush your pool floor to get rid of as much as possible. Next, apply an additional dose of algaecide and use an oxidizer. You should also brush any filters that have algae on them to get it out. Make sure there is adequate circulation in your pool, and that’s how to clean a green swimming pool.

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of your green pool water after trying these steps- call a professional. Most experts will be able to solve your green pool water problem in a matter of hours for a small price. They will be able to pinpoint the cause of your problem and come up with a solution that works for you.

water turned green

Green pool water is never a cause for concern

There’s nothing wrong with your pool that a little elbow grease won’t cure. Always keep a close eye on your pool’s pH level. This is the number one factor in preventing green pool water. If your pool’s pH level starts to get too high, use a little muriatic acid to bring it back down.

Don’t panic if you have a green pool. The solution isn’t difficult and it certainly isn’t expensive. Just use these tips to keep your pool looking its best all season long. The most important thing is that you catch the green water quickly so that you can get rid of it right away. Don’t let your pool water turn green. It’s not pretty, and it can make you think your pool is sick when really it’s just high in pH or iron levels. It’s easy to fix, so just keep an eye on it, and you’ll have a sparkling clean, clear pool all season.

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