The advantages of vinyl floors and design floors

One of the greatest advantages of modern vinyl floors is their high durability. Where parquet or solid wood can show scratches and traces of abrasion over time, even with good care, vinyl remains intact for many years and does not lose any of its charm. Vinyl floors are therefore particularly suitable for families and animal lovers. When romping around, the floor offers a sturdy surface for all adventures, and vinyl is also a good choice in hallways or other rooms where there is a lot of hustle and bustle.

Versatile designs

Designer lvt flooring in mount pleasant sc offer you the opportunity to choose between numerous looks and unique designs. This diversity is another convincing argument for the robust floor. Wood optics appear particularly natural thanks to a realistically designed surface register embossing and are indistinguishable from parquet at first glance. There are many unique colors and beautiful grains to choose from. Stone optics can also make a vinyl floor a highlight in your home.

Can be installed anywhere Vinyl floors can not only be installed in living spaces. In our offer you will also find variants that are specially designed for installation in damp rooms. In this way, you can easily lay a floor in the bathroom or kitchen that can withstand high humidity and occasional water. Underfloor heating is also not an argument against a vinyl floor. Healthy living and easy to care for.

A great advantage of vinyl floors is that they are absolutely healthy. While the floors used to contain harmful plasticizers, modern products are now subject to strict controls. With a vinyl floor from a well-known manufacturer, you can be sure that you are receiving an absolutely healthy product. Unlike other floor coverings, vinyl is also very easy to care for. As a rule, a damp wipe is sufficient to remove all types of dirt. You do not necessarily need special care products and the floor does not have to be regularly refurbished, such as parquet or solid wood.

Easy to lay

Vinyl planks are laid just like click parquet, so that professional assembly is no problem even for less experienced do-it-yourselfers. Depending on which type of vinyl floor you choose, you have different options when laying it. Since vinyl planks have a very low installation height compared to parquet planks or solid wood, they are particularly popular for renovations. The fact that many vinyl planks have integrated impact sound insulation also make them a popular choice.

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