Best Telugu movies of all the time

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The selection of telugu movies is excellent on the aha OTT platform. This ranges from original works to remastered classics to audio-dubbed versions of popular blockbusters. Let’s look at some of the top Telugu movies available on aha so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the weekend.

 Ranking of the Finest Telugu Films Available on aha OTT

Here are some of the most exciting and enjoyable films available at the aha OTT service. Let’s find out what aha top-rated Telugu movie streaming options are.

  • Colour Photo

Reviews for this picture have been mostly favourable. The story of a young couple’s battle against racism because of their colour provides a fresh take on the contemporary obsession with colour while also striking an emotional chord. This new picture is as entertaining and recommended.

  • Zombie Reddy

These days, it’s not easy to track down a scary film that also manages to be funny in places. A fantastic example is a Zombie Reddy. In this lighthearted account, the global covid epidemic is set against the backdrop of two communities in Rayalaseema. This is the watch for you if you want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Khaidi

Kollywood superstar Karthi is renowned for his impeccable screenplay selection, and Khaidi is undoubtedly a watershed moment in his career. The protagonist of Khaidi’s novel is an ex-con named Dilli who after 10 years behind bars desperately wants to see his only daughter for the first time. On his way to a cocaine raid, a wounded police officer is interrupted by an unexpected opponent. The remainder of Khaidi’s narrative focuses on Dilli’s reunion with his daughter despite the many obstacles they had to overcome.

  • Forensic

Forensic is one of the best thrillers of recent years because it uses just the appropriate amount of forensics to solve psychopathic murders. Audiences will flock to see the film due to the dynamic performances by Tovino Thomas and Mamta Mohandas in the essential parts and the novel storyline.

  • Metro Kathalu

Metro Kathalu is a short film set in the modern metropolis of Hyderabad. It follows the lives of city dwellers and offers a unique perspective on how their circumstances shape their decisions and destinies. It’s entertaining and engaging, in addition to being artistic and having a unique plot.

  • Sudani from Nigeria

Zakariya’s award-winning Sudani from Nigeria is the most excellent film of 2018, and it has an original and compelling storyline. The film centers on the relationship between Majeed, a football manager, and Samuel, a football player who sustains an injury. Local camaraderie, cultivated in the film’s modest Malabari setting, was another key ingredient, undoubtedly the Best Telugu Film on AHA.

Bottom Line

Movies of many genres, including drama, comedy, action, and best romantic movies, can be found on aha. You are never more than a click away from some of the world’s rawest, most compelling, and most heartwarming tales, available on this platform, wherever in the world. You may now view your downloaded movies anytime and from any location.

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